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Here are some pictures of musicians, along with a few other things.
Charles Gayle

From Roger Humphries' show in January 2018 at City of Asylum, with Ron Horton, Max Leake, Lou Stellute, and Dwayne Dolphin:

Lou Stellute and Ron Horton Reading
RH Factor Playing
Drawings by Terence D. Keenan

And some more sketches by Terence, from Oliver Lake's shows at City of Asylum, and Thoth Trio's performances: Graham Haynes Oliver Lake Ben Opie Paul Thompson and Ben Opie Paul Thompson Thoth

Other strands of the web


Eric Dolphy

Booker Little

Charles Mingus

John Coltrane, David Wild's pages


Excerpt from "Truth" (221K)

Excerpt from "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" (706K)

Excerpt from "Stormy Weather" performed by Eric Dolphy (504K wav)

Excerpt from "What is this thing called Love" performed by Clifford Brown (592K)

Excerpt from "Moods in Free Time", Eric Dolphy's solo (672K)

Excerpt from "Densities", performed by Eric Dolphy (656K)

see also Dolphy page


Teenie Harris photos in Willi's lab

Charles Parker (68K)

Charlie Parker (1301K)

Bird (1216K)

Bird with sax (51K)

Yardbird (68K)

Booker Little (128K)

Paintings by Michael Cano:

Eric Dolphy
Charles Mingus
John Coltrane

Frank Zappa (170K)

Burnt Weeny Sandwich (357K)

Freak Out! (187K)

Freaks and Motherfuckers (340K)

Studio Tan (60K)

The Grand Wazoo (102K)

We're Only In It For The Money (357K)

Weasels Ripped My Flesh (306K)

Hot Rats (298K)

Chronicle (77K)

Phineas Newborn (88K)

Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane (153K)

Sun (Fun) Ra (417K)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (26K)

Steve Lacy (1216K)

Billie Holiday (221K)

Max Roach (60K)

Charles Mingus (26K)

Thelonius Monk (306K)

Monk (17K)

Andrew Hill (60K)

Ben Webster (60K)

John Coltrane (43K)

Trane (43K)

Charles Gayle (51K)

Brief Sun Ra interview excerpt (2.6 MB)


Stopforbud, a Danish film with Bud Powell's music and Dexter Gordon talking a bit.

Delinquent Hipster Square, an episode of a TV show that features the Max Roach quintet, with some excellent footage of Booker Little. The TV show is amusing, and has more recently been treated to an updating.

Stars of Jazz, a TV appearance by the Max Roach quintet in 1958.

See the postscript to the Dolphy discography for some more film footage.

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